Packaging from biodegradable plastics an opportunity for the development of the packaging market

We focus on eco
The good of our planet is in the hands of each of us. We are aware of this, so as a packaging manufacturer, we do not escape this responsibility. We focused on biodegradable packaging and promotion of ecology. The main advantage of biodegradable plastics is primarily their ability to undergo degradation in natural conditions. Our packaging can be broken down to 95%. In the long run, these solutions can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated and collected.

How does it happend?
We are helped by a large number of our „little collaborators” - mainly bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae and protozoa that use biodegradable polymers as food. In addition to these living organisms, natural factors also contribute to biodegradation, especially UV radiation, oxygen and water. It is with the help of these factors that up to 95% of organic matter can decompose.



Below are high quality packaging made of biodegradable films. They are durable, durable and 100% recyclable.
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