We offer a wide range of mono foil packaging and multi-layer laminated foils. In addition to a wide selection of ready-made packaging, the factory offers a mono films and laminates, and imprints on transparencies with flexo 8 + 1 (from inserting for selectively paint imposed). The company began the process of introducing the new system, which is the BRC. We also offer such services as laminating, film cutting and packaging of entrusted materials upon a client’s request, ready-made packaging or other products. 

The company has over 20 years’ experience and a large group of satisfied customers. Our products are supplied, among others, on the Polish market and exported to the EU countries, Russia, and the United States. We are open to any inquiry. We will be happy to visit You at Your premises, present our options and highest quality products. Should you want to cooperate - contact us. 

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